Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Gewinnspiel – Der Gewinner steht fest!

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Gewinnspiel – Der Gewinner steht fest!

Dennis N. aus Dortmund konnte die Gewinnspielfrage richtig beantworten und darf sich über ein brandneues Exemplar vom “Arslan: The Warriors of Legend” Spiel für die Playstation 4 freuen.

Natürlich möchten wir auch allen anderen Teilnehmern und Interessierten die Antwort auf unsere Frage nicht vorenthalten. Hier stellen wir sie Euch zur Erinnerung noch einmal:

Welcher Fluss fließt durch das Animuc Gelände?

Die richtige Antwort ist die Amper! Sie entspringt unmittelbar an der Grenze zwischen Tirol und Bayern im Ammertal, ganz in der Nähe von Schloss Linderhof, bahnt sich ihren Weg durch Bayern und endet schließlich in der Isar.

Die Animuc sagt herzlichen Glückwunsch und bedankt sich ebenfalls bei allen anderen, die am Gewinnspiel teilgenommen haben!

Jetzt aber genug der Geographie, erstmal ne Runde zocken gehen.

Euer Animuc-Team

Guest of Honor: HamletMachine – Artist from the United States

Guest of Honor: HamletMachine – Artist from the United States

It’s almost Christmas. Therefore, we’d like to announce yet another guest of honor for Animuc 2016:

HamletMachine (Artist from the United States)

HamletMachine will be joining us from far away New York. She enjoys creating erotic illustrations, such as her well-known webcomic, Starfighter, as well as fanart.

Starfighter is an adult webcomic that contains graphic sexual visuals, gay romance, sci-fi themes, and a distinct, striking art style that has made it globally popular. Recently also a visual novel based on the Starfighter series, Starfighter: Eclipse, was released by HamletMachine, after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

But Starfighter is not her sole piece of art. She has coordinated an occult-inspired anthology named Coven as well as a small zine about a witchy-inspired threesome named Devil’s Dance, which is about an erotic encounter of a witch, a knight and a demon.

We’re looking forward to her visiting Animuc!

HamletMachine on the internet:

If you’re especially interested in Starfighter, you might want to take a look at these websites:

Guest of Honor: Ying Tze – Cosplayer from Malaysia

Time is running and now there are just four months left until Animuc! We are pleased to announce yet another guest of honor for 2016.

Xing Tze has been cosplaying since 2005 – as of 2008 she also sews her costumes by herself. So she has been able to gain a lot of experience. She especially likes sewing detailed and extravagant gowns.

In Asia she is a very welcome guest at conventions and has been invited to events in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, where she was one of the judges for cosplay contests.

She loves to get to know other cosplayers around the world and let herself get inspired by them. That’s why she is overly excited to be invited to a convention in Europe for the first time!

Got curious? Go follow her on one of these websites!

Her personal blog

Cosplay Catwalk Competition

This competition is all about walking across the stage striking a pose and presenting yourself. You are judged by your visual impression and stage performance only. The reference for the costume will not be included. Please note that this is a solo contest. You also don’t have to submit music, it’ll be provided by Animuc and chosen at random.

This contest will take place on Saturday.

Required data:
Name [for the moderation]
Submission deadline: 25th March 2016

Spontaneous people can sign up at the convention. Just go to the info point and drop the required data.

Participation is worth it! Amazing prizes are waiting for the winners. Apart from medals there will be well-stuffed bags, and we’re sure that something for every taste will be included – artbooks, mangas, DVDs and much more.

All information which is necessary for the competition schedule will be sent to the participants prior to Animuc. Please also be aware that you’ll need a valid ticket for the competition.

You can send your application directly to
If you have any questions problems you’re welcome to drop us a line any time or contact LilyMilkshake directly via Animexx.

Your Animuc-Team

Guest of Honor: BIG BOOOBS – Cosplayer from Germany

Some time has already passed since we announced our first guest of honor. But there is more! Today we want to introduce you to our next two guests for Animuc 2016.

BIG BOOOBS Cosplay (Cosplayers from Germany)

Those of you who have watched the finals of the World Cosplay Summit 2015 (WCS) via livestream probably already know these two girls. They had the honor of representing Germany and did so quite well!

Menana and Cherie have known each other for ten years. Together they started cosplaying in 2006. They’ve already participated five times in the WCS preliminaries until they finally won – well-deserved – last year.

For BIG BOOOBS sewing is the best. They like it even more than crafting or even wearing the finished costumes! Their speciality is making boot covers. On top of that they love big props on stage and in the first place want to amuse the audience with their skits.

By the way, they chose their name because they found it witty – in Japan all other teams recognized them very fast due to that!

They are preparing a quite interesting workshop for you to be held at Animuc, so stay tuned to find out more about it!

BIG BOOOBS on the internet:

Reminder: Application Time for Performance Groups and Workshops

How about not just visiting, but being a part of the Animuc yourself?

We’d like to invite performance groups and artists as well as people interested in holding panels or workshops to enrich our convention program with their creativity and ideas.

In case you are a performance group or artist and would like to sweep the Animuc audience off their feet with your stage performance, you can find the application form here. Please make sure to send it to us until December 21, 2015 at the latest.

Or how about holding a workshop and sharing your knowledge and expertise with fellow fans?
Whether cosplay crafting, drawing, sewing, post-processing photos or something completely different – we’re open for your ideas and are looking forward to you sharing them with us! If interested, please fill out the application form here and make sure to send it until January 6, 2016 at the latest.

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to drop us a message at any time.

We are looking forward to your application!

Your Animuc-Team